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Ryo Yung

A 17 year old boy from Seoul, South Korea. Ryo is timid, yet driven, and driven by emotion. He desperately seeks the approval of others, especially his biology teacher. Ryo’s goals change throughout the course of the game. At the start, he wishes to write an interesting thesis for biology. At the mid point, all he wants is to find his missing sister. By the end, Ryo wishes to help Mae and be in a close relationship with her. Ryo’s main goal, however, that is prevalent throughout the entirety of the story, is his wish for a companion.

VA: Jaden Gibson


Mae is a non-human girl who has come to Earth from a world unknown to the human race. Mae lives in the human world with her mother, Queen Misa, who rules their home planet. Mae, however, is the princess of that planet and possesses healing abilities. Her only wish is to return home to save her race from extinction, yet, she also finds herself growing fond of Ryo. Mae’s true form is a mythical white fox. She takes on the appearance of a human by choice. Mae is closed off, and difficult to get to open up. She isn’t fond of getting attached to people, yet when she does care for someone, she is very protective of them. She speaks intelligently and with composure.

VA: Aisyah Zulkarnain

Nam Yung

A 20 year old girl who is also Ryo’s older sister. She loves the arts, especially painting which she is quite talented at. Nam is foul mouthed and very opinionated. She is somewhat selfish, she loves her brother, though in the end, she only looks out for herself. Along with that, she is a very lonely girl who will do absolutely anything to find a companion who cares for her, even if that means abandoning her brother.

VA: Mariel Deluna

Sun Yung

44 years old and Ryo’s mother. She is a highly skilled brain surgeon and the “breadwinner” of the family. She is happily married to her husband, Dan Yung. Sun is sophisticated and detests any foul language. She cares greatly about what others think of her, and does her best to maintain composure. But when things don’t go the way she planned them, she loses herself and her values completely.

VA: Dani Bromlow

Dan Yung

45 years old and Ryo’s father. He is happily married to his wife, Sun Yung. Dan was once a famed zoologist until a colleague of his plagiarized his work and took credit for it, leaving Dan with nothing but a bad reputation. Dan is currently unemployed and trying to come up with a new study to regain his fame. Dan is quiet, reserved, and very rarely if ever gets into an argument. He does his best to comfort everyone around him while hiding his own emotions.

VA: Brayden Raber

Queen Misa

Queen Misa, or sometimes referred to as “The Queen of The Foxes”, is Mae’s mother and the queen of another world. The only thing Misa cares for is her daughter, and would do anything to protect her, even if that means putting her entire race and kingdom at the risk of total extinction. Misa is menacing, threatening, and has no problem with harming others if it comes to it. She is the main “antagonist” of this story. Although she is vile in nature, she is very eloquent and composed.

VA: Reyna Enriquez

Miss Whan

75 years old and Ryo’s high school biology teacher. She has been a teacher for 40 years and is growing rather tired of it. She pushes Ryo to try and do his best, though she has ill feelings towards his father, and assumes Ryo will go down the same path as him. She is professional, uptight, and difficult to get along with.

VA: Myllie Myllette

Detective Takeshi

38 years old and a detective based in the Tokyo Police Department. Ryo meets him when Baba Takeshi is tasked with finding his missing sister. The Detective is often untrusted due to his age and somewhat laid back nature. While he can seem unprofessional at times, he has nothing but good intentions. He’s addicted to chewing tobacco and often invades personal space. He speaks lazily and sometimes uses foul language.

VA: Kenneth L. Graham

Tai Masaki

25 years old and the son of the rich and famous painter, Tashiro Masaki. Tai’s real name is Tashiro Masaki Jr., but he prefers Tai. He’s also Nam’s boyfriend. Tai is a laid back and easy going guy. His vocabulary is below average and he tends to use a large amount of slang. Tai has no enemies and makes friends with everyone, and is especially fond of Ryo.

VA: Mark Toole Jr.

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